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Impregnated PE foam tape with high adhesive strength

128 Alfa double-sided PE-Nail Seal Tape

Prepare your material in advance by applying the doublesided tape to the counterbattens before bringing them to the construction site. Seal nails, screws and staples in order to retain the airtightness of the roof.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
128 2050 (024) 50 mm x 20 m Carton (24 pcs.) **

Product description

Double-sided sealing tape for nail, staple and screw points

Whenever nails, screws or staples are used to fasten membranes, tiny spaces around them are left open. This means that air and moisture can penetrate. Alfa double-sided PE-Nail Seal Tape seals those spaces.

Alfa double-sided PE-Nail Seal Tape is an impregnated foam tape with adhesive coating on both sides. The tape is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. It saves you time on the construction site since it can easily be applied beforehand. The closed cell PE foam seals nails, screws and staples in roof membranes so that no additional sealing of the fastening material is necessary.
Thanks to the high adhesive strength of the tape, it can even be bonded to unplaned wood.


  • Strong adhesion
  • Double sided
  • Closed cell PE foam
  • Easy handling
  • Free of harmful substances

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