Inexpensive, humidity regulating all-purpose vapour retarder

171 Alfa Rufol varia E (vapour control layer)

Vapour check membrane for an airtight building shell - suitable for new buildings, renovations and reconstruction.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
171 5015 E (003) 1, 5 m x 50 m Carton (3 pcs.) **
171 5015 E (015) 1, 5 m x 50 m 5 Cartons (15 pcs.) **
171 5015 E (050) 1, 5 m x 50 m Pallet (50 pcs.) **

Product description

Inexpensive vapour check membrane

171 Alfa Rufol varia E is a simple, light vapour barrier for the creation of an airtight building shell. The red auxiliary lines help you create exact overlaps. The membrane allows moisture to escape - if necessary (in summer) even back to the inside of the building (re-drying). This process keeps the insulation dry and prevents damages to the building.
Suitable for insulations between rafters (internal or external) as well as over rafter insulations. Alfa varia E is a lighter version (lower grammage) of 171 Alfa Rufol varia with all its essential characteristics.


  • Good tear resistance
  • Fixed sd-value 1 - 3 m
  • Imprinted grid lines for accurate overlappings
  • More safety due to re-drying capability
  • Humidity-regulating coating
  • Prevents spontaneous condensation (winter)
  • Controlled re-drying (summer)
  • In accordance with regulations of ZVDH und EnEV!

Technical data

  • Area density: 90 g/m²
  • Tear resistance lengthwise: 120 N / 5 cm
  • Tear resistance crosswise: 110 N / 5 cm
  • Tear resistance (nail) lengthwise: 90 N / 5 cm
  • Tear resistance (nail) crosswise: 90 N / 5 cm
  • Fixed sd-value: 1 - 3 m
  • Fire behaviour: class E
  • Watertightness: EN 1928

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