Black facade membrane with 160 g/m² and adhesive strips

178 Alfa Rufol Facade Membrane 160 SK

Highly vapour permeable, UV-resistant facade membrane with a grammage of 160 g/m² and two adhesive strips.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
178 5015 SK (002) 1,5 m x 50 m (75 m²) Carton (2 pcs.) **
178 5015 SK (024) 1,5 m x 50 m (75 m²) Pallet (24 pcs.) **

Product description

UV-resistant facade-membrane with self-adhesive strips

Alfa Rufol Facade Membrane 160 SK is suitable for all rainscreen claddings / ventilated facades, for open and partly open facade constructions. It can be used for partly open and open joint facades with an unlimited open joint proportion, e.g. glass facades and transparent facades, but it has to be protected from external influences such as hail etc.
The membrane is installed directly onto the planking or the insulation behind rainscreen claddings.


  • High UV-resistance
  • PES non-woven lends stability
  • Highly vapour permeable
  • Water-repellent
  • Unlimited open joint proportion
  • Wind-tight, black surface

Technical details

  • Grammage: 160 g/m²
  • Max. tensile strength lengthwise 400 N/50mm, crosswise 230 N/50mm
  • Tear resistance lengthwise: 100 - 120 N/50mm
  • Sd-value 0,04 m (highly diffusion-open)
  • Fire behaviour class E
  • Temperature resistance -40 up to +150°C
  • Watertightness W1

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