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Self-adhesive, airtight seal for pipe penetrations

194 Alfa Pipe Sleeve

Sealing collar with protective rubber sleeve and adhesive coated backside for an airtight sealing of vapour barriers where they are penetrated by heat resistant tubes, underground drain pipes, vent pipes, cords from solar collectors etc.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
194 3210 (008) Ø 100 -110 mm
320 mm x 320 mm
Carton (8 pcs.) **
194 2342 (008) Ø 42 - 55 mm
230 mm x 230 mm
Carton (8 pcs.) **

Product description

Water-repellent sealing sleeve with adhesive coating

Alfa Pipe Sleeves are water-repellent and ageing-resistant while providing strain relief, which makes them the perfect solution for the fast and durable sealing of tube penetrations through vapour control layers. The elastic rubber (EPDM) cone is extremely ageing resistant and withstands even high temperatures. The attached square backing is covered with acrylic adhesive which is permanently resistant to humidity and guarantees a reliable, tight sealing.

The sealing collar protects your building from damages. The flexible rubber cone accomodates buidling movements and relieves strain in the sealed area. The collars are used on walls, floors and particular building components. For cables and cords with a diameter of 42 - 110 mm.


  • For pipes, cables and cords with Ø 42 - 110 mm
  • Airtight according to DIN 4108 part 7 and EnEV 2014
  • Self-adhesive backside
  • Installation without tools
  • Elastic rubber sleeve

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