Premium quality acoustic underlay with vapour barrier and nonwoven

212 Alfa Impact Sound Insulation - Acoustic

If too much moisture enters the flooring, it may cause damage at the joints - the flooring may swell. This soundproofing floor underlayment with aluminium vapour control layer prevents that kind of damage by controlling the amount of moisture released into the flooring.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
212 1010 (004) 1 m x 10 m (10m²) Carton (4 rolls) **

Product description

Acoustic flooring underlay with vapour barrier and nonwoven fabric

Alfa Impact Sound Insulation - Acoustic is used under parquet, laminate and high-quality floorings which are installed floating onto mineral substrates. The additional aluminium coating acts as vapour control layer and regulates the amount of moisture that is released. The problem is that if too much moisture is released too fast, the flooring gets damaged. This underlay controls the transport of moisture from the substrate into the flooring to prevent this kind of damage.

This soundproofing acoustic underlay reduces acoustic noise by up to 21 dB and impact sound by up to 30 %, which means that sounds will not be transported into other rooms via the ground.

Alfa Impact Sound Insulation - Acoustic saves you valuable time since the vapour barrier is already integrated, so you will not have to install it separately. Please make sure to bond the joints of the underlay rolls with an airtight adhesive tape, e.g. 153 Alfa Flex, in order to create a uniform vapour tightness.

Tips and useful information:

Install the underlay with the aluminium coated side facing upwards. Only this way the joints of the rolls can be bonded thoroughly and easily, and the technical properties of the insulation can be guaranteed.

Acoustic underlays with aluminium coating are used whenever a vapour barrier / vapour control layer is needed (for mineral substrates) and / or when water based underfloor heating has been installed.


  • Reduction of impact sound: 30 %
  • Reduction of acoustic noise: 21 dB
  • Time saving: 1 product = various functions
  • Makes the flooring pleasant to walk on
  • Levels out slight floor unevenness
  • Very high compressive strength

Technical data

  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Density: 1,000 kg/m²
  • Fire behaviour: B2
  • Aluminium coating
  • Reduction of impact sound: 30 %
  • Reduction of acoustic noise: 21 dB
  • Base material: Natural rubber
  • Vapour control layer: Alu PET
  • Colour: green
  • Weight: 2 kg/m²
  • Permanent pressure resistance: 2 kN/m²
  • Thermal resistance: 0,08 m²K/W
  • Compressive strength: up to 5 t/m²

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