Corner Roller with polyamide cover

340 Alfa Corner Paint Roller

Paint roller for cutting in corners and painting straight ceiling lines, with polyamide sleeve and 40 cm handle.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
340 0018 (005) 40 cm Carton (5 pcs.) **

Product description

Goldfaden Paint Roller for Corners

Alfa Corner Paint Roller helps you to reach into corners. The high-quality polyamide roller cover creates an even and lint-free finish. The long-handled frame makes tight spaces easy to paint.

The corner sleeve does not splatter and therefore can be used for wall-ceiling-angles without sprinkling you with paint. With its superb paint loading and releasing qualities, the polyamide cover can be used with emulsion / dispersion paint, latex paint and synthetic resin varnish.

Technical data

  • Pile height: 18 mm
  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Area densitiy: 1100 g/m²
  • Handle length: 40 cm


  • 100 % polyamide, Goldfaden
  • Even, shed free finish
  • Less splatter
  • Complete with long roller handle
  • Good paint absorption and release
  • For cutting in corners
  • For emulsion / dispersion paint, latex paint and synthetic resin varnish

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