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473 Alfa AQUA Whitewash Brush

473 Alfa AQUA Whitewash Brush consists of an entirely synthetic blend which prevents swelling of the filaments and is therefore ideal for water-based varnish and wood stain.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
473 0100 (018) Width: 100 mm - Length: 66 mm - Thickness: 30 Carton (18 pcs.) **

Product description

473 Alfa AQUA Whitewash Brush has been specifically designed for the application of wood stain and water-based varnish. The brush consists of a purely synthetic filament blend of tapered polyester.

The blend prevents the filaments from swelling and provides the brush with a good ability to hold paint. Due to the stainless steel ferrule, the brush will not rust but prove to be very durable.


    • Developed for wood stain and water-based varnish
    • Stainless steel ferrule - no oxidizing
    • Synthetic filament blend
    • Metal bucket rest
    • Wood handle
    • Filaments will not swell
    • Retains its shape while being flexible

    No Swelling Exact Trimming Brush runs smoothly Ability to hold paint Retains its shape Good finish
    Suitable Suitable Suitable good Suitable Suitable

    The brushes of our Alfa AquaLine are ideal to be used with wood stains and water-based varnishes.

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