Precut reinforcement fabric for corner regions

536 ETICS Reinforcement Arrows

Alkali resistant, tear and push resistant reinforcement mesh arrows with high tensile strength. For diagonal plaster reinforcement around openings in buildings (e.g. doors and windows).

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
536 4033 W (400) white - 330 mm x 400 mm Carton (400 pcs.) **
536 4033 G (400) yellow - 330 mm x 400 mm Carton (400 pcs.) **

Product description

Precut pieces of mesh for corner regions

Fast and easy to apply!
The precut mesh arrows prevent diagonal cracks in corner regions after plastering and protect your building from damages caused by cracks.
Ideal in combination with our Alfa ETICS Reinforcement


  • Made of E-glass in accordance with DIN regulations
  • In accordance with ETAG 004
  • Certified by MFPA Leipzig
  • Constant monitoring: IFBT
  • Weight: 165 g/m²
  • Mesh size: 4 x 4
  • For interior and exterior use

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