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High quality sealing foil with self-adhesive butyl strip

604 Alfa EPDM Foil PREMIUM

Flexible EPDM sealing tape with butyl strip for outstanding adhesion on various substrates such as steel, wood and massive mineral surfaces. Ideal for window sills, windows, terrace doors etc.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
604 2015 (008) 150 mm x 20 m Carton (8 pcs.) **
604 2020 (008) 200 mm x 20 m Carton (8 pcs.) **
604 2025 (008) 250 mm x 20 m Carton (8 pcs.) **
604 2030 (004) 300 mm x 20 m Carton (4 pcs.) **

Product description

Premium sealing foil made of 0,8 mm EPDM rubber

604 Alfa EPDM Foil PREMIUM is an extremely elastic tape for the sealing of facades. The foil's high strength of 0,8 mm makes it robust, while the self-adhesive butyl strip on one side provides excellent adhesion to all kinds of surfaces, among others steel, wood and massive mineral substrates. Due to its high quality material, the sealing tape remains permanently tight and accomodates building movements particularly well.

The foil was tested according to DIN 4102 part 1 and fulfills flammability class B2. Because of its high resistance against UV-radiation and weathering, Alfa EPDM Foil PREMIUM is perfect for the sealing of window sills, floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony doors, exterior door thresholds and the outsides of conservatories / sunrooms. It can be bonded particularly well with 857 Alfa EPDM Foil Adhesive.


  • Vapour permeable and water resistant
  • Strong, 20 cm butyl strip
  • Seals permanently
  • Accomodates building movements
  • Good weather resistance & UV-resistance
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Tested according to DIN 4102 part 1
  • Flammability class: Normal combustibility according to DIN 4102-B2
  • Fire behaviour class E according to EN 13501-1
  • No solvents

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