One component PU foam - gun or straw-dispensed foam

607 Alfa Kombi Foam

This single component, moisture curing assembly foam may be dispensed with a straw applicator or a foam gun.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
607 0500 (036) 500 ml (38 - 45 l) Carton (36 pcs.) **
607 0500 (624) 500 ml (38 - 45 l) Pallet (624 pcs.) **

Product description

One component PU foam for gun and adapter

Alfa Kombi Foam is a combination of 620 Alfa PU-Assembly Foam and 610 Alfa PU-Gun Foam. It can be screwed onto a foam gun or applied with the included straw applicator.

Alfa Kombi Foam guarantees good sound and thermal insulation and has high dimensional stability. Due to its premium quality, the yielded bead of foam can be regulated precisely even with the straw.
The foam is used for the reliable sealing, insulating, filling, mounting and installing of windows and doors. It adheres to the most diverse surfaces such as concrete, wood, brick, metal, aluminium but not to polyethylene, silicone or PTFE.


  • High dimensional stability
  • Always the right product - whether you need gun- or straw-dispensed foam
  • Thermal insulation value 0,036 W/(mK)
  • Moisture-curing
  • Fire classification B2 (DIN 4102)
  • Processing possible from -5° C
  • Tack-free after approx. 6-12 min
  • Curing time approx. 1,5-5 h
  • Temperature resistance -40 up to +90°C
  • Easy to use

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