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Premium masonry drill bit with 4 cutting edges

664 Alfa SDS-plus Hammer Bit

SDS+ shank bit with 4-flute design for a longer life span and fast dust removal.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
664 0006 (020) Bit diameter: 6 mm Carton (20 pcs.) **
664 0008 (020) Bit diameter: 8 mm Carton (20 pcs.) **
664 0010 (020) Bit diameter: 10 mm Carton (20 pcs.) **
664 0012 (020) Bit diameter: 12 mm Carton (20 pcs.) **

Product description

Premium Drill Bit with 4 Carbide Cutting Edges

Alfa SDS-plus Hammer Bit with its four carbide cutting edges is ideal for drilling reinforced concrete since it does not seize up on reinforcement material. Its four-flute spiral geometry with reinforced core makes this bit extremely fracture resistant and turns drilling through iron reinforcement or into armoured concrete into an easy task.

The bit's low vibration drilling performance makes working with it more comfortable. Drill dust is removed fast so that drilling is easier and the hole does not get clogged. Each bit has a total length of 160 mm and a working length of 100 mm. The bit can be used in all customary drills with SDS and SDS plus chucks.


  • 4-flute design
  • 4 carbide cutting edges
  • SDS plus shank
  • Low vibrations
  • Fast removal of chips
  • Does not seize up on reinforcement
  • High fracture resistance

Proven Quality

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