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All-purpose primer for Alfa proteXos ETAG Liquid Waterproofing 1K

808 Alfa proteXos Primer

All-purpose bonding agent for the substrate preparation before Alfa proteXos ETAG Liquid Waterproofing 1K is applied

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808 0025 (004) 2,5 l 4 buckets **

Product description

All-purpose adhesive agent for the preparation of the substrate

808 Alfa proteXos Primer is an all-purpose adhesive agent for the preparation of the substrate. This primer bonds particularly well and is suitable for the following substrates: copper, zinc, iron, stainless steel, aluminium, tiles and cementitious surfaces, PVC, polycarbonate, polyester, old coats of epoxy resin, old PU coatings, varnished metal sheets and profiles. For bituminous substrates, no primer is necessary.

The primer dries extremely fast and can therefore be worked on after only 20 minutes. The ready-to-apply bonding agent is very easy to use. er wiper and will create a seamless, fully bonded surface.

Non-porous substrates: 30 - 50 ml/m²
Porous, mineral substrates: 100 – 200ml/m²


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fast drying
  • Ready to use
  • Particularly easy to apply

Technical data

  • Colour: Brown, transparent
  • Overcoat time: after 20 min
  • Application temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C