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Mesh-reinforced sealing tape for Liquid Membrane

813 Alfa Liquid Membrane Tape

Alfa Liquid Membrane Tape is integrated into the first layer of liquid membrane. With the following coats, it is covered entirely with the liquid sealant.

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813 5012 (003) 120 mm x 50 m Carton (3 pcs.) **

Product description

Elastic Sealing Tape with Mesh Reinforcement

Alfa Liquid Membrane Tape is used for the bridging of joints and for corners. It is made of rubber and therefore very flexible.

As soon as the primer has dried, the first coat of 811 Alfa Liquid Membrane can be applied. While the membrane is still wet, lay the sealing tape into the membrane where necessary. When the first coat has dried, one or two more coats of the waterproofing membrane are added so that the tape is embedded inside the membrane.


  • Mesh-reinforced
  • Mesh overlaps on both sides of the tape
  • Material on rubber basis

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