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Elastic, weather resistant one component liquid plastic with ETAG 005 approval

818 Alfa proteXos ETAG Liquid Waterproofing 1K

Permanently elastic one-component liquid plastic the for long-term waterproofing of flat roofs, balconies, etc.

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818 0035 (003) 3,5 kg 3 buckets **
818 0035 (006) 3,5 kg 6 buckets **
818 0070 (003) 7 kg 3 buckets **
818 0070 (006) 7 kg 6 buckets **
818 0170 (007) 17 kg 7 buckets **
818 0170 (015) 17 kg 15 buckets **

Product description

High class ready-to-use liquid waterproofing membrane for old and new buildings

818 Alfa proteXos ETAG Liquid Waterproofing 1K is a premium quality ready-to-use liquid waterproofing membrane for old and new buildings. You can use it on balconies, terraces, flat roofs, loggias, access balconies etc. as well as for detail areas and joints.

Due to its high solids content, this liquid plastic bridges cracks particularly well, is permanently elastic and flexible even when temperatures are low and has high UV-reflectivity. The one component compound is particularly easy to apply with brush, roller or rubber wiper and will create a seamless, fully bonded surface.

Alfa proteXos lquid seal is ideal for renovating and waterproofing flat roofs with the most various surfaces such as bitumen sheets, plastic waterproofing membranes, concrete, floor screeds, metals and many more.

The system was tested by the German institute for construction technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) and has successfully obtained the ETAG 005 approval. With Alfa proteXos ETAG Liquid Waterproofing 1K, we have developed a new product that meets the highest requirements of professionals.


  • Can be walked on after approx. one day
  • Remains highly elastic
  • Flexible even at low temperatures
  • Service life: 25 years
  • Resistant to UV-radiation and weathering
  • Seamless roof cladding
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Resistant to flying sparks and radiating heat in accordance with DIN 4102
  • European Technical Approval (ETAG 005)

Technical data

  • Consumption: 2.5 tp 3.5 kg / m²
  • Rain-proof: after approx. 1 hour
  • Trafficable (light foot traffic): after approx. 1 day
  • Temperature resistance: -40 °C to +90 °C
  • Application temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C
  • sd-value: 3.97 m


Surface preparation

1 Prepare the surface

The substrate has to be structurally sound, dry and free of dirt, dust and residues of detergents or other separating agents. Fill bigger cracks with a PU adhesive. Overlaps of bitumen sheets have to be welded or bonded together. Roughen metals or plastics by grinding before priming.

Use 808 Alfa proteXos Primer to prime the surface if necessary. Bituminous surfaces do not have to be primed.
Application temperature: + 5°C to + 30°C
Non-porous substrates: 30 – 50ml/m²
Porous, mineral substrates: 100 – 200ml/m²

Please note: Make sure to apply the recommended amount of material. Use of too much primer causes blisters and may lead to the separation of the membrane from the substrate.

First sealant layer

2 Apply the first layer of liquid plastic

As soon as 20 minutes (but never later than 6 hours!) after the application of the primer, you can apply 818 Alfa proteXos ETAG Liquid Waterproofing 1K. Stir the liquid plastic thoroughly before applying it. Apply the compound with a short pile roller with a consumption of approximately 1,5 kg/m². Make sure to apply enough material to cover the fleece that will be embedded in the next step.

Application temperature: + 5°C to + 30°C
Colour: silver-grey
Elongation at break: approx. 55%
Trafficable (light foot traffic): after 1 day
Fully cured: after 2 days
Consumption: 2.5 -3.5 kg/m²

Embed the fleece

3 Embed the fleece

819 Alfa proteXos Fleece has to be embedded into the first layer of the liquid plastic while the sealant is still wet. The entire liquid membrane has to be reinforced by fleece. Make sure the fleece is laid without creases. Let the sheets overlap by 5 cm. Spread a thin coat of Alfa proteXos Waterproofing on the fleece immediately to protect it from rain and condensing air moisture.

Second waterproofing layer

4 Apply the second layer of liquid plastic

When the fist layer is dry, apply the second coat of the liquid membrane, again with a consumption of approximately 1,5 kg/m². Alternatively, you can apply the second coat while the first one is still wet. A refinement of the surface is not necessary since the liquid membrane is highly UV-resistant.

Proven Quality

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