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Particularly fast curing acrylic

871 Alfa Express Acrylic

Alfa Express Acrylic can be used on various surfaces, e.g. concrete, brick, plaster, window sills etc. Can be painted over after only 10 minutes.

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871 0310 K (040) 310 ml Carton (40 pcs.) **

Product description

Acrylic with Extremely Short Hardening Time

Alfa Express Acrylic hardens particularly fast and can be painted over after only 10 minutes. It is free of solvents and silicone and bonds very well to the most various surfaces such as concrete, brick, plaster, window sills and many more.

Alfa Express Acrylic is excellently suitable for sealing connections, joints and cracks. It can be plastered over or wallpaper can be glued onto it. Due to its colour fastness, weather-resistance and UV-resistance, the sealant can be used outdoors as well as indoors.


  • Colour: white
  • Paintable after 10 minutes
  • Reduces formation of cracks
  • Easy application
  • Can be plastered and painted over
  • Free of solvents and silicones
  • Very good adhesion
  • UV-resistant and weatherproof
  • Odourless and colourfast

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