Aggresively bonding carpet adhesive

261 AlfaWay Power (dry adhesive)

This aggressively bonding dry-adhesive replaces wet-glues! Suitable for the complete surface bonding of textile coverings/carpets onto primed surfaces.

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Item-No. Measures Packacking Unit Price Quantity
261 2510 (004) 1000 mm x 25 m Carton (4 rolls) **

Product description

POWER-Adhesive from the roll

AlfaWay Power is an aggressively bonding dry-adhesive for the laying of textile coverings onto primed surfaces (e.g. screed, filler, chipboards etc.) on full area.
AlfaWay Power is suitable for the bonding of textile floor coverings onto underfloor heating and is suitable for chair rolls (providing that the floor covering and subsurface also have these qualifications).
With AlfaWay Power, e.g. at renovation works in hotel or office objects, covering onto covering can be laid (e.g. new carpet on existing textile covering). The old covering does not have to be removed time-consuming and disruptive, rather it can be used as impact sound insulation. This leads to short downtimes of the rooms that are beeing renovated. With wet glues this version is impossible.

Attention: not suitable for PVC-coverings!


  • high initial and durable adhesion
  • aggressively bonding
  • object suitable
  • suitable for chair rolls
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • processing without airing-time
  • free of solvents, chloringe and formaldehayde

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Download as PDF  Download Safety Instructions (26 KByte)

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