Our Bestseller

  1. Alfa DS100 Adhesive Compound for Vapour Barriers as Cartridge or Tubular Bag
    Elastic adhesive compound

    100 Alfa DS 100

    8.467 customers trust this product!
  2. AlfaFlex Foil Adhesive Tape Airtight Sealilng of Vapour Barriers flexible green
    Highly flexible, aggresively bonding foil tape

    153 Alfa Flex (flexible foil-tape)

    12.374 customers trust this product!
  3. Alfa Pro impregnated Paper-Adhesive-Tape for the airtight sealing of the building shell
    One sided sealing tape with high adhesive strength

    161 Alfa Pro (special paper tape)

    4.487 customers trust this product!
  4. Alfa Rufol sd100 blue white vapour barrier for a thermal insulation
    Our most popular PE vapour barrier with a foil strength of 200 µm

    170 Alfa Rufol sd100 (vapour barrier)

    2.125 customers trust this product!
  5. Alfa Rufol varia is the Allround-Vapour-barrier for an airtight building envelope at new building and renovation work
    Humidity regulating all-purpose vapour barrier

    171 Alfa Rufol varia (vapour control layer)

    2.445 customers trust this product!
  6. 173 Alfa Rufol UDB-A 165 SK with adhesive strips in blue and dark grey
    Our most popluar, highly vapour permeable roofing underlay with 170 g/m² and adhesive strips

    173 Alfa Rufol UDB-A 165 SK (self-adhesive roofing underlay)

    1.305 customers trust this product!
  7. Alfa PowerTac skirting tape with extremely high adhesion
    Double sided skirting tape with more adhesive

    245 Alfa PowerTac (skirting tape)

    1.550 customers trust this product!
  8. AlfaWay Extra for the removable fitting of floor coverings
    Plasticizer resistant, removable dry adhesive

    260 AlfaWay Extra (dry-adhesive)

    1.271 customers trust this product!
  9. Alfa FineLine GOLD PREMIUM-Adhesive Tape for fine painting lines, avoids an underrunning of paint or glaze
    Impregnated washi tape

    521 Alfa FineLine GOLD

    4.897 customers trust this product!
  10. ETICS Reinforcement white or yellow for bridging cracks in plaster
    Glass fibre reinforcement mesh with 165 g/m²

    537 Alfa ETICS reinforcement (ETAG 004)

    1.456 customers trust this product!
  11. Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1 542 driving rain proof, driving rain tight, hardly inflammable
    Pre-compressed window sealing tape

    542 Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1

    3.003 customers trust this product!
  12. 543 Alfa FULTRA-Trio humidity regulating window sealing tape for a RAL-conformable door and window construction
    Impregnated multifunctional window sealing tape

    543 Alfa FULTRA-Trio

    770 customers trust this product!
  13. Alfa Masker Foil Masker Cover Masking for efficient covering of large areas
    Cloth tape with attached cover foil

    560 Alfa Masker (Cloth-Masker)

    3.459 customers trust this product!
  14. Alfa All Purpose Tape Repair Tape Duct Tape
    Flexible tape with high adhesive strength

    580 Alfa All Purpose Tape / Duct Tape

    4.506 customers trust this product!
  15. Alfa Cover Fleece foil-coated and waterproof
    Absorbent non-woven drop cloth with foil back

    599 Alfa Cover Fleece (Anti-slip coated)

    4.106 customers trust this product!
  16. Alfa PU-Gun Foam moisture-curing 1K Builders' Foam with a high yield, window insertion, window assembly
    One component PU foam

    610 Alfa PU-Gun Foam (1K)

    3.343 customers trust this product!
  17. ETICS-Adhesive Foam, PU-Adhesive for the safe bonding of  insulation boards onto house facades, Styrodur, Styrofaom, Polystyrene, rock wool EPS
    One component adhesive foam for facade insulation boards

    612 Alfa ETICS-Adhesive Foam

    3.545 customers trust this product!
  18. PU Foam GUN for the professional handling of Gun Foams, PU-Foam, Assembly Foam, Gun Cleaner
    Foam gun with robust plastic body

    619 PU Foam GUN

    4.934 customers trust this product!
  19. Fine Dust Mask FFP3 with soft face pad for asbestos abatement
    Valved respirator mask FFP3

    907 Alfa Fine Dust Mask FFP3 (for asbestos abatement)

    2.040 customers trust this product!
  20. This fine knit glove is equipped with a breathable patented nitrile coating - no sweaty hands
    Versatile assembly glove with unique breathable coating

    919 Alfa Ninja Maxim

    2.046 customers trust this product!
  21. Alfa Plate Bag ASBESTOS according to TRGS 519 for the disposal of asbestos and mineral fibre plates
    Coated PE transport bag for loads of up to 1250 kg

    922 Alfa Plate Bag - ASBESTOS (according to TRGS 519)

    1.473 customers trust this product!