Building Maintenance / Preservation of Buildings

Building Maintenance / Preservation of Buildings

On these pages, you can find our products for Building Maintenance / Preservation of Buildings.
Alfa proteXos waterproofing systems are extremely versatile in use and have proofed effective on a multitude of substrates. You can find an overview about which products are needed for your substrate on the Application Table Alfa proteXos Waterproofing System. Click here to learn more about the premium quality of our liquid plastics. On our page Why Alfa proteXos waterproofing systems?, we provide information on the advantages you gain by using our products.

The easiest way to calculate how much material you need is to use our Quantity Calculator for liquid plastics.

Download our complete information booklet with everything you need to know about the topic of our"Professional Roof Waterproofing System" as pdf-file.

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  1. 817 Alfa proteXos Inject Creme - new design: bucket or tubular bag
    Damp-proofing paste against rising moisture

    817 Alfa proteXos Inject Creme

    163 customers trust this product!
  2. 810 Alfa Repair Asphalt
    Fast hardening repair cold patch

    810 Alfa Repair Asphalt (cold asphalt)

    459 customers trust this product!