Assembly Foam

Assembly Foam

Categories Masking & Protective Films for floor layer


  1. 830 Alfa Clewo Wipes Duo+ with soft and smooth side
    Wet wipes with smooth and rough side

    830 Alfa Clewo Wipes Duo+ (Wet Cleaning Wipes)

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  2. Alfa PU-Assembly Foam 1K Building Foam in 500 or 750 ml can
    One component straw-dispensed foam

    620 Alfa PU-Assembly Foam (1K)

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  3. PU Foam GUN for the professional handling of Gun Foams, PU-Foam, Assembly Foam, Gun Cleaner
    Foam gun with robust plastic body

    619 PU Foam GUN

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  4. Alfa Spray & Gun Cleaner removes fresh PU-Foam, paint, oil, grease and tar
    Construction foam cleaner with valve

    618 Alfa Spray & Gun Cleaner (Universal-Cleaner)

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