Installation Tapes & Adhesives

Installation Tapes & Adhesives

  1. Alfa Primer PRO universal primer coat for an improved adhesion at loose and absorbing surfaces
    High-performance primer

    110 Alfa Primer PRO (High-Power-Primer)

    850 customers trust this product!
  2. Alfa SP-Tape Spunbond Tape
    Spunbound tape with high adhesive strength

    156 Alfa SP-Tape (Spunbond tape)

  3. AlfaTac double sided assembly tape for carpet skirting
    Double-sided carpet skirting tape

    223 Alfa Tac (skirting tape)

    1.423 customers trust this product!
  4. Alfa PowerTac skirting tape with extremely high adhesion
    Double sided skirting tape with more adhesive

    245 Alfa PowerTac (skirting tape)

    1.683 customers trust this product!
  5. 848 Alfa MK Express - construction adhesive bonds within 5 seconds
    Adhesive sealant with immediate adhesion after 5 seconds!

    848 Alfa MK Express (construction adhesive)

    442 customers trust this product!
  6. Alfa MK 2000 extra strong construction adhesive out of the cartridge
    Extra strong construction adhesive with an adhesive strength of 130 kg/m²

    855 Alfa MK 2000 (EXTRA-strong assembly adhesive)

    1.129 customers trust this product!
  7. MK 4000 powerfull adhesive in grey or white
    One component adhesive sealant

    858 Alfa MK 4000 (Hybrid Sealing Adhesive)

    519 customers trust this product!
  8. Alfa MK 3500 extremely strong mounting adhesive
    Extra strong construction adhesive with an adhesive strength of 350 kg/cm²

    864 Alfa MK 3500 (assembly adhesive)

    660 customers trust this product!
  9. 865 Alfa MK Metall elastic adhesive sealant with aluminium look
    Aluminium-look, elastic adhesive sealant

    865 Alfa MK Metall (construction adhesive)

    103 customers trust this product!