Floor Covering Fixation

Floor Covering Fixation

Categories Floor Covering Fixation for painter and varnisher


  1. AlfaTac double sided assembly tape for carpet skirting
    Double-sided carpet skirting tape

    223 Alfa Tac (skirting tape)

    1.345 customers trust this product!
  2. Alfa PowerTac skirting tape with extremely high adhesion
    Double sided skirting tape with more adhesive

    245 Alfa PowerTac (skirting tape)

    1.571 customers trust this product!
  3. Alfa Dry Fitting Mesh fixation for CV-coverings, carpets and carpet tiles renovation
    Plasticiser resistant dry adhesive - removable without leaving traces

    262 Alfa Dry Fitting Mesh (fixation)

    772 customers trust this product!
  4. AlfaWay Extra for the removable fitting of floor coverings
    Plasticizer resistant, removable dry adhesive

    260 AlfaWay Extra (dry-adhesive)

    1.290 customers trust this product!
  5. Alfa RubTac 240 for the bonding of rubber stair treads
    Aggressively bonding assembly tape for rubber stair treads

    272 Alfa Rubtac240 (for stairtreads)

    477 customers trust this product!