Airtight Sealing

Airtight Sealing

Categories airtight sealing for roof and timber construction


  1. AlfaFlex Foil Adhesive Tape Airtight Sealilng of Vapour Barriers flexible green
    Highly flexible, aggresively bonding foil tape

    153 Alfa Flex (flexible foil-tape)

    11.754 customers trust this product!
  2. AlfaTwin double sided assembly tape for an airtight and wind-proof building shell
    Aggressively bonding assembly tape

    145 Alfa Twin (double-sided)

    1.773 customers trust this product!
  3. Alfa DS100 Adhesive Compound for Vapour Barriers as Cartridge or Tubular Bag
    Elastic adhesive compound

    100 Alfa DS 100

    7.915 customers trust this product!
  4. Alfa Assortment Package Quality Products for an airtight building shell
    Assortment of roofing adhesives (contains the quantity of adhesive needed for one standard roof)

    199 Alfa Assortment Package ROOF

    1.719 customers trust this product!
  5. Alfa UV-Black facade tape
    UV-resistant, flexible black foil tape

    154 Alfa UV-Black (facade tape)

    973 customers trust this product!
  6. 150 Alfa Flex Ultra (Multi-purpose foil-tape)
    UV-resistant foil tape with high adhesive strength

    150 Alfa Flex Ultra (Multi-purpose foil-tape)

    450 customers trust this product!
  7. 150 Alfa Flex Ultra - Split - Foil tape with split protective liner and particularly strong adhesive
    Strong, UV-resistant foil tape with split silicone liner

    150 Alfa Flex Ultra - Split (Multi-purpose foil-tape)

    15 customers trust this product!