Window Installation

Window Installation


  1. Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1 542 driving rain proof, driving rain tight, hardly inflammable
    Pre-compressed window sealing tape

    542 Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1

    3.925 customers trust this product!
  2. Alfa PU-Gun Foam moisture-curing 1K Builders' Foam with a high yield, window insertion, window assembly
    One component PU foam

    610 Alfa PU-Gun Foam (1K)

    4.165 customers trust this product!
  3. Alfa B1-Gun Foam flame-retardant building foam for increased fire safety requirements at electrical installations and ETICS
    One component PU foam - fire retardant

    611 Alfa B1 Gun Foam (1K)

    1.646 customers trust this product!
  4. Alfa PU-Gun Foam MEGA moisture-curing polyurethane foam with high yield, window insertion window construction
    One component PU foam in handy 500 ml can

    609 Alfa PU-Gun Foam MEGA

    3.034 customers trust this product!
  5. PU Foam GUN for the professional handling of Gun Foams, PU-Foam, Assembly Foam, Gun Cleaner
    Foam gun with robust plastic body

    619 PU Foam GUN

    6.097 customers trust this product!
  6. Fast hardened 2K Frame Foam for bonding and mounting of doors, door frames
    Two component PU foam for door & window frames

    621 Alfa 2K Frame Foam (quick-hardened)

    5.455 customers trust this product!
  7. 543 Alfa FULTRA-Trio humidity regulating window sealing tape for a RAL-conformable door and window construction
    Impregnated multifunctional window sealing tape

    543 Alfa FULTRA-Trio

    889 customers trust this product!
  8. 3-level sealing tape for a wind- and rain-tight door & window construction
    Multifunctional window sealing tape with humidity regulating membranes

    549 Alfa FULTRA-Trio PREMIUM

    258 customers trust this product!