Foam Tapes

Foam Tapes

  1. Alfa Mirror Tape double sided strong bonding foam tape, assembly tape
    Double-sided high strength mounting tape

    280 Alfa Mirror Tape (double sided foam-tape)

    3.506 customers trust this product!
  2. Alfa-Partition Wall Tape single side bonding sealing tape levels out unevenness
    PE foam tape with 12 mm adhesive strip

    540 Alfa Partition Wall Tape (3mm strength)

    685 customers trust this product!
  3. Alfa Expansion Joint Tape for professional plaster joints
    PE foam tape with 12 mm adhesive strip

    541 Alfa Expansion Joint Tape (3mm thickness)

    1.076 customers trust this product!
  4. Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1 542 driving rain proof, driving rain tight, hardly inflammable
    Pre-compressed window sealing tape

    542 Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1

    3.985 customers trust this product!
  5. 543 Alfa FULTRA-Trio humidity regulating window sealing tape for a RAL-conformable door and window construction
    Impregnated multifunctional window sealing tape

    543 Alfa FULTRA-Trio

    901 customers trust this product!
  6. 547 Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG2
    Pre-compressed window sealing tape

    547 Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG2

    824 customers trust this product!
  7. 3-level sealing tape for a wind- and rain-tight door & window construction
    Multifunctional window sealing tape with humidity regulating membranes

    549 Alfa FULTRA-Trio PREMIUM

    270 customers trust this product!