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Work Protection

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  1. White Chemical Coverall PROFI with zipper and hood for disposal, sanding and cleaning works
    Hooded chemical protective coverall with zipper

    906 Alfa Chemical Coverall PROFI (for asbestos abatement)

    1.791 customers trust this product!
  2. Fine Dust Mask FFP3 with soft face pad for asbestos abatement
    Valved respirator mask FFP3

    907 Alfa Fine Dust Mask FFP3 (for asbestos abatement)

    2.481 customers trust this product!
  3. This fine knit glove is equipped with a breathable patented nitrile coating - no sweaty hands
    Versatile assembly glove with unique breathable coating

    919 Alfa Ninja Maxim

    2.525 customers trust this product!